Sound Chalet is a professional production studio located in North Hollywood. Our goal is to grow our artists while maintaining their artistic identity, and to provide them with a unique sound at the highest quality possible. Most importantly, our artists leave the studio with genuine material to showcase to anybody in the industry. 

                   At Sound Chalet, we offer services in: 

·       Composition and Arrangement, 

·       Songwriting and Production,

·       Recording and Overdubbing,

·       Editing and Mixing, and

·       Mastering

While our studio is fully capable of performing all these services, we also offer the possibility to record in larger, more prominent studios throughout Los Angeles. The goal is to bring out a musician’s creativity, and we know how key the environment is to enhance that. In recording sessions, we welcome artists to bring their own band and session players, or we can put together a great ensemble of studio musicians for you.

It is important to remember that recording requires a lot of focus and discipline and can easily becomes stressful, expensive and time consuming. At Sound Chalet, our mission is to help you focus your talent and make the overall effort and time memorable and worth it. Our goal forever remains to draw the best out of you, leaving you with an unforgettable studio experience.



Mixing is an art form much like fine gourmet. This is the process after all the ingredients are collected, ready to be turned into something that sounds great.



Mastering is the final process to ensure that a mix sounds the best it can, and is protected by ISRC codes before being released. Mastering does not stay in house because we believe that it is vital to have a fresh pair of ears to add the final shimmer to a song. 




This is the process in which performances are tightened up and/or pitch corrected.

This step is fundamental in making a band interlock and bring out the groove that is intended. 



At Sound Chalet, we help our artists the whole way through the creative process, even in the area of arrangement and composition. Our team has many years of experience in writing and arranging music in genres ranging from classical and old school rock to modern day pop.  


Recording is perhaps the most tedious and time consuming processes in the studio, but is arguably the most important one. We strive to bring out the best performance of an artist at the highest quality possible.


Live Room

Live Room


Nicolas Blomberg

Raised in Lugano, Switzerland, Nicolas comes from a background of classical piano, orchestral composition, and vocal arrangement. He was drawn to LA in 2012 to learn audio engineering and found a passion in the recording arts. Today, his focus is to marry the craft of recording and arrangement with the with the talents of our musicians/artists so that their energy is captured in their music.   

Davide Fant

Originally from Belluno, Italy, Davide moved to LA in 2011 to pursue his passion for music production and mixing, after many years having studied classical and rock guitar. Today, he is primarily involved in production and mixing. He has a particular affinity in the art of mixing, embracing a sound that both captures the beauty of old-school analog equipment and the transparency and cleanness of modern equipment. 


Recording Session

Recording Session


For more information regarding availability and pricing, please go to our connect page. We would be honoured to learn about you and listen to your music. It is our hope that Sound Chalet would be a good fit for you. 

The Sound Chalet Team,
Nicolas & Davide