A successful record comes from teamwork. When everybody puts a great amount of energy, focus, and the time to make it "perfect", something great will happen. We've worked with many artists and bands, and if there is one element that makes a difference is the attention to detail.



davide fant

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Musician, Audio Editing Expert, Pro Tools HD certified user. I like thinking to myself as the missing piece between the emotion and its fulfillment, between the intangible thought of an idea and its transcription to a palpable form. Being part of this magic process gives me the privilege of feeling the beauty of creation, in one of its purest forms.




To make a great record there are some key elements. There is nothing that can replace a great performance, the type that transcends what we understand and connects and inspires you on the deepest level. That's why on my workflow every single note and hit gets the attention it deserves, and the necessary improvement to make that link a reality.